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art exhibition

I rarely participant in gallery shows or exhibitions  however prompted by a few friends I hold in high regard i was motivated to be in this Art exhibition entitled 17 Nations. It  was curated by Pick -up -LA and shown in InnerSpace Gallery Downtown Los Angeles. This exhibit art by male artists of color showcased their creative exploration of masculinity.  In this exhibition I painted 5 canvases showing my perception of manhood from our ancestors , present and future. I was a great turn out and I was honored to sell 3 out of the 5 paintings! Here is pictures and a recap video of the event , enjoy! Thank you to my team and Art dealers.



As a traveling muralist I also often preform at events where I create live art mural and/or large style canvases at all kinds of festivals and events. Painting at events is one of my favorites because  its a great way to incorporate the powerful influence of art, creativity, and expression at all sorts of gatherings that bring all kinds of people. 

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