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I paint murals all over the world frequenting cities all over  the U.S. and continents all across the map. I love to use Graffiti Art as a bridge to connect with different cultures and communities. I've created are for all people and purposes whether it's been for communities, businesses, private homes ( interior & exterior) or live painting a large canvas at an events. I enjoy painting murals because it breaks all social class an is truly for the people of the community.


Community Mural
Jam Master Jay and Biggie
Legacy (Kobe Tribute)
Unity in the Community Mural
Ashley Portrait
The Original Play boi
Shak Beauty
Inspire Jayo Collab
Super 73 Mural
Dust Off (Aaliyah Tribute)
Fathers and Mothers Who Care Mural
The Future
Respect and Protect
Joes discount
Freedom DTLA
Breonna Taylor Mid-City Los Angeles
Smart Graf The Graff Lab
Smart Graf Mid City Los Angeles
Seat Pleasant  Sign Edit
familt is love
Shak Flip

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