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Who is SMART ?!

                 Shak Smart, an L.A based artist, was both introduced and immersed into creativity and
artistry at an early age. Growing up in the beautiful African American middle-class city of Seat
Pleasant, Maryland to an artistically empowered mother, art immediately began to play a pivotal
role in is childhood and later developed into his passionate craft. His mother introduced him and
his brother to an array of art forms starting with music. She also spread her creativity abroad by teaching an ethnically diverse group of local children
within the community various musical instruments as well as African dance and drumming . This ingrained in
him the value and importance of spreading creativity which inspired him to create his artwork
for the people.
                His frequent travels to his father’s city of Newark, N.J. and Washington DC throughout his childhood also played a pivotal role in his love and fascination with visual arts. In Newark graffiti art graced and decorated the city. Shak found himself constantly surrounded by graffiti from its appearance on apartment building to corporate building to train stations. This artform that he was initially captivated by grew into becoming his muse. Upon graduating high school Smart furthered his education of the arts by attending Full Sail University where he achieved a degree in Digital Arts and Design.

             His teachings at Full Sail enlightened him on the value of artistic independence, creative individuality and building his own brand. He immediately geared toward getting involved with and becoming a part of artistic communities. He soon started volunteering at Blind Whino, a
non-profit organization and event space dedicated in cultural community service for
the arts.Volunteering at Blind Whino provided Smart with the platform to showcase his unique
and gifted painting and graffiti skills. Soon Smart desired to expand his base and opportunities to
a greater extent and audience.
                 In the Summer of 2013 Smart relocated to the vibrant and innovative city of Los Angeles,
California. Within his first week of arrival Smart obtained his first job creating a mural for a
popular restaurant-chain Oh My Burger Located in El Segundo ,CA and knew immediately this was just the being of so many greater artistic
endeavors ahead of him in Golden State. Within his 5 years of being a Los Angeles Smart has
build an extensive and impressive clientele. His artistic talents and contributions have graced so
many platforms from local small businesses to popular corporate works to private creations. His
accomplishments include: Gaining 20 steady and recurring clients , painting a mural for the city of Seat Pleasant Maryland, and being selected to paint a mural for his very own middle school (Thomas G.Pullen). He has been able to travel to 10 different cities in the U.S. , as well as abroad receiving the opportunity to paint a mural in Costa Rico with his best friend and fellow artist. Brand Prove Nothing .Smart is constantly seeking to grow and evolve artistically . He continues to aim at using his passion and skills to embrace and connect with people , cultures, and communities.     

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